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Compass correction is absolutely necessary when plotting a course. Actually it is not the magnetic compass that is being corrected when plotting a course, rather it is the skew between the True North Pole and the Magnetic North Pole, which are a few hundred miles apart that requires the magnetic compass, which stays magnetically fixed to the Magnet North Pole, to be mathematically adjusted. Therefore, when plotting a course, the easiest way out is to pin the blame on the magnetic compass and call it compass error.

Therefore, this condition referred to as compass error is not a compass error at all. Rather it is the variation between the True North Pole and the Magnetic North Pole and requires compass correction. This condition is called Variation.

Another factor when plotting a course, which cause compass error, are electronic pieces of equipment and various metals that are in the vicinity of the magnetic compass requiring compass correction. This condition of compass correction is called Deviation. Whether it be conditions of variation or deviation, the course conversion calculator makes compass correction of compass error much simplier.

Making a compass correction requires a simple mathematical formula (TVMDC). When plotting a course, the formula must be executed quickly and accurately. Therefore when making a compass correction, the quickest and most accurate way is with this simple and unique device called the Course Conversion Calculator. There are similar devices on the market, but none that address compass error or compass correction as does the Course Conversion Calculator.

You will find when plotting a course with this device that there will be no more frustrating formulas to remember like "East is Least" or "True Virtue Makes Dull Company" or when to Add? - when to Subtract?

Now when you are plotting a course, with the turn of only two dials you can make Corrections of Variation and/or Deviation and find the Correct Course to Steer instantly. The calculator makes the adjustment between true north and magnetic north, thus making plotting a course much easier.

Conversions from Relative Bearings to True and Magnetic Bearings are made instantly. Reciprocals can be seen instantly. This coastal navigation tool converts True Course to Magnetic Course and Compass Course. It does all of these calculations WITHOUT THE NEED OF A PENCIL.

This device also gives a clear and simple approach to determining the conditions of Set & Drift and a simplified explanation of True Course, Magnetic Course, Variation and Deviation.

  • It has a convenient ruler/straight edge.
  • It can be used to verify Electronic Readings.
  • It is made of a durable plastic & comes with easy to follow instructions.

    Remember, when plotting a course, make compass correction of compass error by using the COURSE CONVERSION CALCULATOR.

    Click here for a Video Demonstration of the Calculator

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